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IP Training

RsIP is a business specializing in training on Intellectual Property (IP) in Malaysia:-

Our Training covers all intellectual property (IP) topics

·         trade marks (brands, logo, names, signs, symbols)

·         patents (inventions, innovations)

·         industrial designs (designs, pattern, shape, configuration, ornament)

·         geographical indications (products with geographical characteristic)

·         plant varieties

·         copyright (books, scripts, drawings, music)

·         layout-designs of integrated circuits (chips, microchips)

·         confidential information

·         trade secrets

·         traditional knowledge

·         cultural rights Etc

 RsIP provides 2 types of Trainings:-

(a)        In-House

Training is for any number of participants (appropriate number of participants for an effective training is 20) for ONE single fee (only a fraction of that charged for public programme!) with costs for the Training materials, venue, and food & beverages to be borne by the Trainee Company.

(b)       Club / Hotel

Training is for 20 participants only for each training. Training is held at the Club / Hotel and is both for a particular Company’s employees only and also for Public Programmes. Check out public programmes organized by RsIP 4 x a year viz. March, June, September & November.

RsIP’s signature Training “WHAT IS IP??? FOR NON-LEGALS” targets the following participants:-

Targets Participants from the following departments

¨ R&D

¨ Sales & Marketing

¨ Business Development

¨ Production

¨ Technology / Engineering

¨ Finance (Valuation)

¨ Human Resource (Policy)

¨ Corporate Affairs

¨ Brand & Communication

¨ Management

RsIP signature Training ‘WHAT IS IP??? A MUST KNOW FOR ALL” targets all the above participants and also those in the legal line. This public programme Training is only conducted in June.

RsIP provides “Training” and not “Lectures, Seminars, etc”on intellectual property (IP) in Malaysia!!! The Training is for 2 days and consists of 7 ¼ lecturing hours with 7 ¼ hours of hands-on activities, bringing it a total of 14 ½ hours of training. The Training covers various components of intellectual property (IP). The training uses the “Accelerated Learning” method which is most suitable for adult learning. Participants not only gain knowledge by way of “transfer of knowledge” from Trainer to Trainee, but also by way of “Hands-On” activities including on the understanding on intellectual property (IP), individual sharing, group presentations and problem solving case studies.

The Trainer has completed the Certified Professional Trainer Course (IPMA UK) and is able to “TRAINprofessionally and not merely “DISSEMINATE, LECTURE, TEACH” intellectual property (IP) as per that is being done by some lawyers who are not certified as Trainers. The Trainer is very disciplined in training and to ensure RsIP’s quality of Training on intellectual property (IP), certain terms and conditions must be complied by participants during Training, in particular on usage of electronic gadgets and where being absent from the Training vicinity for more than 15 minutes in total throughout the 2 days training, will disqualify the participant from the Training.

RsIP has lined up new Trainings for the year 2015. Please feel free to contact RsIP should you need further information on these Trainings.

Participants who have attended our training.

From the following organizations (both in-house & public programmes)

  • BMI
  • UTM
  • UM
  • MMU
  • FAMA
  • JKR
  • USM
  • GMI
  • MOH
  • USIM
  • UMT
  • UIA
  • UPSI
  • MyIPO
  • IMR
  • MFI
  • UKM
  • IUKL
  • UiTM
  • NIBM