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Definition Of IP

  • No one standard legal definition
  • WIPO
    • IP refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.
  • IPXM
    • IP is……………..(come attend the Training to understand this definition)



  • IP consists of two main components:-
    • Industrial property : patent, trade marks, industrial designs, geographical indications, layout-designs of integrated circuits, trade secrets, confidential information and many more new areas such as plant varieties, traditional medicines, cultural rights etc
    • Copyright : literary, artistic, musical including related rights


Industrial Property

  • Trade Mark
    • A mark used in relation to goods (services) for purpose of indicating a connection in the course of trade between the goods (services) and the person providing such goods (service).
    • Exp : Coca Cola, Ms Donalds, Colgate

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

Industrial Property (Con’t)

  • Patent
    • Longman Dictionary
      • A paper from a government office (the Patent Office) giving someone the right to make or sell a new invention for a certain number of years
    • Exp : Computers, I Pad, I Phone


*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

  • Industrial Design
    • Features of shape, configuration, ornaments when applied onto an article, appeals to the eyes
    • Exp : Shape of a Chair, Ornaments On a Pendant

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

  • Geographical Indication
    • An indication which identifies any goods as originating in a territory where a given quality, reputation or characteristic of the goods is essentially attributable to their geographical origin
    • Exp : Sarawak Pepper, Sabah Tea, Bario Rice

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

  • Layout-designs of integrated circuit
    • 3-dimensional disposition however expressed, of the elements of an integrated circuits (IC)
    • IC : a product with an active element and some interconnections integrally formed on a piece of material, which is intended to perform an electronic function
    • Exp : Microchips

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

  • Trade Secrets
    • Secrets of manufacturing / producing something
    • Advantage over competitors for unlimited period
    • Exp : Coca Cola Formula, KFC Fried Chicken Recipe

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

  • Confidential Information
    • Information which the receiver is obliged to keep secret as the same was transferred in confidence

*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search


  • Rights given to authors for publication of the works
  • Works protected
    • Literary works
    • Musical works
    • Artistic works
    • Films
    • Sound Recordings
    • Broadcasts
    • Performers


*Pictures are obtained from internet – Google search

Why Is Ip Important?

  • Know how to PROTECT own intellectual assets
  • Know and IDENTIFY IP of employers
  • Know about iINFRINGEMENT
  • RESPECT other’s intellectual assets
  • CURRENT growing issue
  • CAREER prospects in IP field
    • IP Valuer
    • IP Agent
    • CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)


Important To Whom?

  • Gen-Ys
    • Downloading and Uploading songs/films free of charge – infringement
  • Lecturers and students
    • Copying from internet and pasting into own work – infringement
    • How to copy & paste without infringing / caught for Plagiarism?
  • R&D staff
    • Confidential information & new inventions
  • Financiers
    • When IP is made a collateral
  • Parents
    • Inculcate children not to steal as infringement = stealing
  • Traders
    • especially the SMEs and individual “kuih” sellers
  • Many Others – general public



  • IP is a new subject matter for many people though IP protection had existed in Malaysia since occupation of British
  • Vast economic development has brought IP to be realized as an asset
  • It is vital for EVERYONE from all walks of life to have knowledge on what IP is all about because IP is an asset which can be created by anyone just by using God’s greatest gift to human – BRAINS!!!
  • If you agree with the above and WANT training for your organization on IP, please email me at ipexpertmsia@iptraining.com.my ipexpertmsia@gmail.com or